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I'm always interested in any pre-1900 Historical Flasks, Bitters Bottles, Cabin Bottles and Barrel Bottles from the Eastern or Western United States. I specialize in Arizona and Western antique bottles from 1860-1930. Including Old West Whiskey, Soda, Pharmacy, Patent Medicine, and Bitters bottles. I also buy old Mason's Patent fruit jars and early jars with nice color and primitive closures. Please call, text or email me for a free appraisal. Phone: 602-818-6490 or Email: azokie99@cox.net

Antique Arizona Bottles


I am always interested in any embossed Arizona antique bottles.  I will pay top  $$$ for small town Arizona hutch soda bottles including Safford,  Nogales, Winslow, Flagstaff, Bisbee, Clifton, Globe, and Yuma. I also collect Arizona crown top sodas, deco sodas, and early patent 1915 and 1923 Arizona  hobbleskirt Coca-Cola bottles.

Old Arizona Advertising


Old  Arizona antique advertising might include stoneware jugs or crocks,  souvenir  plates, calendars, tokens, thermometers, porcelain signs, ice tongs, or  just about anything else that displays a merchant and the location.  I  buy single antiques or whole collections.

Antique Territory Bottles


I am always interested in any embossed territory antique bottles including  Oklahoma Territory (O.T.), Indian Territory (I.T.), or any other  Territory bottle including Montana, Dakota, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, etc...

Jolly Mountaineer Decanters


Known  as the Jolly Mountaineer, Old Man in a Hat, Fat Man, WC Fields and  several other names, this antique decanter has a long history. What is known is that Tiara reproduced these decanters from about 1968 to 1984 in various colors. They acquired the mold from Indiana Glass who produced  this decanter and a set of tumblers in the 1920's (green coloration). Prior to that the mold can be attributed to P. Garnier Enghien a French liqueur bottler around 1900 (clear glass with a threaded ground top). I'm looking for these decanters in Ruby Red, Amberina, Black Glass, Milk  Glass, Clear, or any oddball coloration. A pontil base and/or threaded top are desirable.

Arizona Antique Pharmacy Drug Bottles


I am always interested in any antique embossed Arizona pharmacy drug bottles. Small town bottles from Bisbee, Douglas, Flagstaff, Prescott, Tempe, Mesa, Globe, Miami, Yuma, and Nogales would be desirable. 

Anadarko, Oklahoma Bottles


Yep, I was born in Anadarko, Oklahoma and am always looking to add any embossed Anadarko antique bottles to my small collection.

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Antique Bitters Bottles


Antique Bitters bottles are always popular with collectors. I'm always interested in Western and any figural bitters including Cabins and Barrels.

Historical Flasks


Historical Flasks represent the top end of antique bottle collecting and have been collected and displayed for a 100 years or more. 

Patent Medicine Antique Bottles


Antique Patent Medicine bottles are as plentiful as they are colorful. I'm always interested in acquiring early medicine and tonic bottles.

Mason's Patent Fruit Jars


Early Mason's Patent 1858 fruit jars come in an endless variety of mold variations and colors. If you have some pre 1900 early jars with neat color or interesting closures, I'd love to see them.

Antique Poison Bottles


Antique poison bottles come in a variety of interesting shapes and colors. Coffin, skull, and crossbones shapes are all very desirable.

Latest Finds - Tombstone, AZ Hutch


Recently acquired this very nice light straw amber Union Sodaworks hutch style soda from about 1885. I'm looking for one in dark amber now!